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Security Systems & Access Control

Smarthome offers solutions to help consumers save money on surveillance services while monitoring non-traditional security events such as a flood in the laundry room or basement. Smarthome offers security products that allow the front door to be unlocked or the garage door to be closed through the Internet or phone. In addition, Smarthome provides products that allow users to view live images of visitors at the front door displayed on the TV screen or computer screen over the Internet.

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Sambo Smart Home.Νέα θυροτηλεόραση Sambo Smart Home (Λειτουργία μέσω Wi-Fi ή καλωδιακά )

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Sonoff Basic Smart Switch , Έξυπνος διακόπτης με WiFi & Cloud λειτουργία για απομακρυσμένη διαχείριση