iPhone Adapter Kowa TSN-IP4S

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iPhone Adapter Kowa TSN-IP4S


iPhone Adapter Kowa TSN-IP4S

iPhone Adapter Kowa TSN-IP4S



         The iPhone 4/4s Digiscoping Adapter from Kowa is a digiscoping accessory for using the iPhone 4/4s to capture the image transmitted through a spotting scope eyepiece or binocular ocular. Place your iPhone into the cradle and connect the eyepiece/ocular attachment corresponding with the diameter of your optics. In moments, your iPhone's lens will be perfectly aligned with the image from your Kowa optics. The two included eyepiece attachments ensure compatibility with many common eyepiece/ocular diameters, enabling you to use this adapter with a wide range of optics. This digiscoping accessory, let’s you instantly photograph, record, and share your view of that bird, butterfly, beast or landscape.


  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4s.
  • Once the iPhone is placed in the cradle and the eyepiece/ocular attachment is connected, the iPhone lens will perfectly align with the transmitted image from your optics.
  • Use your iPhone to capture images or monitor and zoom the field of view in high resolution.
  • The included 41mm binocular attachment fits the Kowa's BD42, BD32, SV50, SV42, SV32, YF30, Emperor 8x42, Emperor 10x42, Escape 8x32, Escape 10x32, Pro Phase 8x32, Pro Phase 8x42, Pro Phase 10x32, Pro Phase 10x42, Pro Phase 10x50 and Pro Phase 12x50.
  • The included 56mm spotting scope attachment fits the Kowa's TE‐10Z, TE-11WZ and TE‐17W lenses for spotting scopes TSN770 en TSN880 series
  • Light and durable
  • The epoxy made cradle won’t damage your iPhone enclosure.


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