Denon AVR-X3300W 7.2 AV Receiver Black 4K AirPlay BT Dolby Atmos Black

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Denon AVR-X3300W 7.2 AV Receiver Black 4K AirPlay BT Dolby Atmos Black


Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos, the revolutionary technology, uses the channel-oriented surround-sound coding used for decades in favor of the more versatile object-oriented coding, in which all sounds can be precisely arranged by the sound engineer at any position in the three-dimensional sound...

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos, the revolutionary technology, uses the channel-oriented surround-sound coding used for decades in favor of the more versatile object-oriented coding, in which all sounds can be precisely arranged by the sound engineer at any position in the three-dimensional sound space. This multi-award-winning technology is now also available at home with the AVR-X3300W. At the receiver a can 5.1 -Surround sound speaker system and for the ultimate home theater experience 2 additional height speakers or 2 additional upward certified Dolby Atmos speakers are connected.


DTS : X also supports object-oriented audio coding, are generated in the stunning surround sound effects with height speakers. (DTS: X is about future firmware enabled -Update). It includes Dolby Surround and Neural: X-Upmixing: Users with a 3D sound speaker system can use traditional Dolby or DTS content for enhanced surround experience, or listen to music in stereo with the speakers installed in the listening room.

Modern quad-core 32-bit DSP processor

Thanks to its sophisticated quad-core -32- bit DSP processor of the AVR-X3300W can easily process multiple threads in parallel, for example in Dolby Atmos and DTS: X-decoding, when Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room acoustic correction, in bass management And DSP surround simulations. The processor has enormous computing power: Its four 300 MHz DSP cores can process over one billion operations per second.

Latest HDMI 2.0a connectors, HDCP 2.2 compliant, ISF certified

The AVR-X3300W is equipped with eight HDMI inputs. One of the inputs is conveniently accessible from the front of the unit. All inputs are equipped with the latest HDMI specification, 4K Ultra HD with 60 Hz, 4: 4 PureColor 4K subsampling, high dynamic range (4 HDR compatible) and 3D and BT.2020 passthrough. It also has HDCP 2.2 compatibility, so it can also play copy-protected 4K Ultra HD content.

Thus, the AVR-X3300W for Ultra HD is Blu-ray player and other 4K video sources optimally equipped. In addition, the video processor allows the video conversion of analog signals to HDMI as well as the scaling of digital or analog video to FullHD or 4K Ultra HD with up to 60 Hz.

The AVR-X3300W has been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). It is equipped with all control options for video calibration (which can be used by ISF technicians) and supports the video modes ISF Day and ISF Night.

Integrated Bluetooth and Dual Band WLAN

The AVR-X3300W is equipped with two built-in antennas that enable interference-free and error-free streaming via WLAN and Bluetooth even in environments with many other active wireless networks. Together with the ability to use the 5GHz WLAN band, this ensures stable and error-free streaming in congested urban areas. Connect to the Internet via your wireless LAN (or wired via the LAN input), you can enjoy your favorite streaming music streams such as Spotify Connect. You can also access thousands of Internet radios from around the world, and enjoy music and voice entertainment virtually anywhere Enjoy genres. With AirPlay, you can play your favorite titles wirelessly from a portable iOS device like iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and listen to music files stored on your home PC or Mac or on NAS devices via network streaming.

High Resolution Audio

Discover the incredible sound of high-resolution audiotracks. AVR-X3300W decrypts up to 24-bit / 192-kHz lossless files (AIFF, FLAC and WAV; ALAC / Apple lossless to 24bit / 96kHz) and DSD 2.8MHz (the audiophile SACD format) , 6 MHz. Play it from storage devices via the USB port on the front or from network sources - the AVR-X3300W also plays lossy data types such as MP3, AAC or WMA.

Powerful discreet 7-channel amplifier with Eco mode

With an output power of 180 watts per channel, the AVR-X3300W offers discrete output devices for high current on all channels. Thanks to its high stability, it is also compatible with most loudspeaker models with an impedance of 4 Ohm. Our new Eco mode automatically adjusts the output power to the volume level. An eco-parameter display on the screen allows you to track the energy savings in real-time.

Denon 2016 AVR Remote App

With the free "Denon 2016 AVR Remote" app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, you can control the operation of the receiver via a smartphone or tablet and access its configuration menu. The app also gives you quick access to the status display and the option menus of the receiver. You can control Denon Blu-ray players and conveniently browse an online user guide. While browsing the new queue management feature, you can add new tracks to the playlist.

Smart TV connectivity

The Denon receiver can also be controlled via the HDMI-CEC function (consumer electronics control) of some Smart TVs with the TV remote control. Set the "HMDI control" of the receiver to ON, select the receiver control functions "Smart menu" on the TV, then you will get direct access to some receiver functions, including source and surround mode, in the Smart Menu start screen , Main menu settings, and one-touch SmartSelect presets.

Advanced Audyssey suite for space correction

The AVR-X3300W is equipped with the full Audyssey Platinum suite of powerful DSP algorithms. This includes the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room acoustics correction. With the supplied microphone, the MultEQ XT32 analyzes the playback characteristics of the individual loudspeakers (including the subwoofers) at up to 8 measuring points and creates precise digital filters, which are used to determine the appropriate frequency and time settings for the individual channels.

Audyssey Dynamic Volume corrects annoying volume jumps that occur, for example, in advertising blocks on television. You can also hear clear dialogs, music, and sounds at low volume. Audyssey Dynamic EQ ensures precise sound balance and clarity at all volume levels. Audyssey Sub EQ HT allows for individual DSP tuning of the individual subwoofers in configurations with two subwoofers. Compared to configurations with a single subwoofer, it is possible to achieve deeper and clearer defined basses.

Two subwoofer outputs

With a single subwoofer, uneven bass reproduction with acoustic peaks and bursts can occur at the most important listening position. The AVR-X3300W has two subwoofers: placed in different locations, this results in smoothing the low frequencies and thus a more precise bass throughout the entire listening area. In addition, it offers Audyssey Sub EQ HT to provide an individual design for each subwoofer via digital signal processing.

Multiple rooms / Multiple sources

With the AVR-X3300W, you can enjoy 5.1-channel surround sound in one room while another source, such as CD or streaming audio, is played in another "area." You can simply connect a pair of stereo speakers to the multiroom amplifier outputs for the unrestricted 5-channel surround sound in the main room with stereo in the second room. Or connect a separate stereo amplifier and speakers to the preamplifiers for Zone 2 and enjoy 7 channels in the main room. And it is even possible to connect the second zone via HDMI to the HDMI output for Zone 2 of the AVR-X3300W.

Convenient USB port

The USB port on the front provides digital connection for music from your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad while the connected device is charging. You can also connect a USB drive and listen to files from the MP3 up to high resolution DSD (2.8 / 5.6 MHz), and lossless FLAC lossless (up to 24-bit / 192 kHz).

Color-coded speaker connections

The high-quality loudspeaker connections are multi-path capable and support different connection variants including banana plug. They are also color-coded for the correct connection, corresponding color-coded labels for your loudspeaker cables are included.

Easy setup, easy operation

With the AVR-X3300W you are guided through the setup process with a clearly structured and easy to understand graphical user interface. Thanks to the help given in this way, a fault-free configuration is possible even at the first attempt. The exclusive setup wizard and the included Quickstart Guide provide a simple configuration guide that guides the user step by step through the setup process. Optimize critical settings for the best sound and video quality with your rest of the system.

User-friendly quick-selection functions

There are 4 quick selection buttons on the front and on the remote that allow you to quickly select your favorite sources: each remembers your preferred setting and the sound mode for that source and you can even store them to your favorite internet Radio transmitter.

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